YOU make the market strong!

Posted November 15, 2012 at 9:58 am

 Support your Midtown Farmers Market November 15th! 

With your support, the market has set a record this year dispersing $18,500 in EBT  (food stamps), allowing low-income families access to healthy, local produce.

The market serves more than 55,000 customers a year, and here’s is what some of them say about why they love the market:


” Midtown Farmers Market is energizing and impacting local and organic food streams and sustainability way beyond the neighborhood it serves.”

“Great atmosphere, music, great farmers/growers, close by, friendly, good prices, my community.”

“oh so local! Captures the spirit and vibe of South Central Minneapolis”

“Makes you feel proud to live in the Twin Cities!”

“Lots of great fresh food with a strong sense of community”


Show your love for the market tomorrow on Give to the Max Day. Support local farmers, healthy communities and sustainable agriculture by donating to the Midtown Farmers Market!