Become a Sponsor

Interested in showing your support for the Midtown Farmers Market and becoming a sponsor? Check out our Sponsorship Benefits and contact Alicia D. Smith, for more info.


Vendor fees only cover about half the cost of running the market. To make up the rest, we rely on sponsors, grants and the generous support of members of our community. Your contributions make the market happen, from tents and tables to organizing and communicating with vendors to the equipment and training for accepting EBT that makes the fresh food at our market accessible to everyone. The market is an important part of our community and the lives of our customers and it needs your support.

You can donate online, mail a check to the market office (3451 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55407), or make your contribution in person via the giant carrot located by the entrance to the market.

Do you love your market? Help us thrive!

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